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This is a simple tool to allow an instructor to create a question for a student to answer before and after an activity.


Create flashcard sets that include text, images, MP3s, or videos that your students can use to study important material in your course sites. They are fun and work great on a browser or mobile device.

Photo Gallery

A simple photo gallery tool that allows everyone in a course to upload images to a shared gallery.

Knowledge Check

Create small quizzes that include multiple choice or true/false questions for students to use to assess their knowledge after completing a reading, watching a video, or in preparation for an upcoming test.

Interactive Video

This tool allows a user to add questions to a Warpwire video.

Emoji Ratings

A simple tool for collecting feedback from users based on a scale using emojis.

Quick Write

A simple tool to prompt users to respond to short answer questions.

Simple Certificate

A simple app to award a user a certificate when they launch the app.