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Center for Online Learning Help DocsΒΆ

This help documentation is maintained by the University of Dayton's Center for Online Learning. Below, you can read more about technology supported by the Center for Online Learning. Click on any topic to learn more.

  • Learning Apps - Tools built by the Center for Online Learning to meet instructors' needs for more effective student learning.
  • External Apps - Tools that follow the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard to integrate rich content into Canvas.
  • Gradescope - A tool that allows you to administer and grade assessments.
  • Snagit - A computer screen recording software that every faculty member should have in their tool box.
  • Turnitin - The University of Dayton's Turnitin license includes several services, in addition to their academic integrity software.
  • Warpwire - A secure video storage and sharing product.
  • Zoom - The University of Dayton's synchronous online meeting tool.