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What is the ‘My Textbooks’ tool and why is ‘My Textbooks’ installed in all of my sites?

The 'My Textbooks tool' is installed by default in every Isidore site to assist students in locating and purchasing their course texts. The tool links the Bookstores digital inventory to the Isidore site. Within the tool, students can gain first day access to materials associated with the Bookstore’s Complete Digital Access program. The tool also allows students to easily locate and purchase digital textbooks from the bookstore for their courses.

I have not opted into Complete Digital Access, is 'My Textbooks' still helpful to my students?

Yes, 'My Textbooks' connects Isidore with the Bookstore’s systems to provide the opportunity to purchase digital copies of the course text through Isidore. The digital format provides access to the course material at a reduced cost. These materials cost 50%-80% less than their printed versions. Additionally, it minimizes environmental impact. The 'My Textbooks' tool also allows a student to access course materials through an Isidore site for all their courses.

How do I/my students purchase course texts in 'My Textbooks'?

To purchase non-CDA materials in 'My Textbooks':

  1. Navigate to your Isidore site.
  2. Click on the My Textbooks tool in an Isidore course site.
  3. Click on Launch My Textbooks.
  4. In 'My Textbooks' locate the course you wish to compare and purchase texts for.
  5. Click the compare and purchase button under the text you wish to purchase.
  6. Follow the purchasing prompts to complete the transaction.


UD Bookstore Questions about student orders or charges should be sent to

Center for Online Learning at UD For help with Isidore site setup and integrations, please send an email to