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Who can access my videos?ΒΆ

By default, only course participants can see your videos. However, you can choose to make the videos available to specific groups, everyone at UD, or to the public.

To share your video library with others:

  1. Go into the Isidore course site where you want to share your Warpwire library.
  2. Click on the Warpwire Video tool.
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the title of video.
  4. Select Share from the drop down menu.
  5. Underneath the link to the video you have a variety of options when sharing your video
  6. Click on the Share with additional Users and Groups: menu and choose the permission level you prefer:

    • Share with additional Users and Groups: - You can specify who has access to the videos.
    • Share with all Dayton Username users: - You can specify that everyone who has a UD account can access the video.
    • Share with everyone on the web: - You can specify that anyone can access the video.
  7. At the bottom there is a search box that allows you to share with specific users or groups. Type a user or group's name and then select them from the list when they appear to share the video with them. Note: You can only share videos with users who have an official UD Username.

  8. You can use the "Share Link" button to highlight and copy the link (URL) to the library. Then you can paste the link into an email to share it with the individuals you specified in the previous steps.
  9. When you are done, click the x in circle to exit Sharing settings. The settings you selected will be saved automatically.