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Online MID

An online midterm instructional diagnosis is a process instructors can use to confidentially gather student feedback on how the course is going. The anonymous feedback allows the instructor to subsequently make changes before the end of the semester.

Students answer the following questions:

  1. What is helping you learn in this class?
  2. What is hindering your learning in this class?
  3. What suggestions do you have to improve the learning in this class?

Once added to an Isidore site, the Online MID tool is available for students to start responding to the questions.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to:

  • Communicate to students that the online MID is available as a menu choice in the Isidore course web site.
  • Turn off the online MID (by clicking the Settings button) - after a sufficient amount of time has passed. This will stop the tool from accepting student comments and release the feedback for the instructor to review.

Remember to tell the students that the online MID provides anonymous feedback and that you will not see student names.

How does this tool differ from the in-person MID?

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How do I... for Instructors

Add the Online MID tool

Setup the Online MID tool

See if anyone's completed the Online MID

Stop accepting Online MID responses

Review Results of the Online MID

Print Results of the Online MID

How do I... for Students

Complete the Online MID