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Access Zoom

Zoom can be accessed with an integration within Isidore, but also just using a web browser outside of Isidore.

To access Zoom inside of Isidore as an Instructor

Note: You must be an instructor in an Isidore site to add it to an Isidore site.

  1. Navigate to the course site where you'd like to install Zoom.
  2. Follow the steps to Add/Remove Tools. Zoom is currently in the Core Tools section.
  3. Once the tool has been added, click on the tool in the tool menu.
  4. If it is your first time visiting the tool, you will see a message: "We have sent an email to [your email address]. Please check your inbox for more information and next steps.
  5. Follow the steps to activate your Zoom account, then return to Isidore and refresh the tool to set up meetings.

To access Zoom inside of Isidore as a Student

  1. Navigate to the course site where your instructor is hosting the meeting.
  2. Click on the Zoom tool in the tool menu.
  3. Recordings and meeting links will be available here.

To access Zoom outside of Isidore (as a student, instructor, staff, or guest)

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Type in the following web address:
  3. On this page, you have several options. We recommend clicking the Sign in option if you have never set up your Zoom account before.

    • If you would like to connect to a meeting-in-progress, click on the Join button. You will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID number.
    • If you would like to host a meeting on-the-fly, click on the Host button. Anyone at UD may host a meeting. You may need to first activate your account. When you log in using single sign-on (SSO), the meeting room with launch.
    • If you would like to manage your account settings or schedule a meeting in the future, click on the Sign in button.