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Review/Grade a Video Feedback AssignmentΒΆ

To review and grade a video feedback assignment:

  1. Launch an instance of the Video Feedback learning app by clicking on its link.
  2. Click on the Review button next to a student's name who has submitted a video.
  3. If a student has submitted a description of the video or some comments about the video, those will display above the video.
  4. The student's video will render on the screen and you'll be able to play it.
  5. As the video plays, you can use the "Timestamped Comment" box to type some comments and the video will pause as you're typing. If you're using tags, you may also select tags to be displayed (with or without comments). When your comment is complete, click on Save Comment.
  6. Continue reviewing the video, adding timestamped comments as needed.
  7. After reviewing the video, you're welcome to provide overall comments and feedback on the assignment.
  8. If the assignment is graded, points may be typed into the "Grade" text box.
  9. Once the grading and feedback are complete, you can either save and release the feedback immediately by clicking on Save and Release or save as a draft and release the feedback later by clicking on Save Draft.

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