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Edit Check-In questions

When you're using the Check-In tool, you can use the default questions, turn off default questions, and/or add your own questions. You're limited to a total of 5 questions, 3 of the predefined questions, and 2 of the self-defined questions.

Using the Default Check-In Questions

By default, there are 3 Check-In questions displayed to students:

  • Are you experiencing any problems related to this class?
  • What is working best for you in this class as we've moved online?
  • Is there something more I could do to assist you during the remainder of the term?

If these questions work for you, there's nothing else you need to do, other than to tell students it's ready for them to answer.

Turning Off the Default Check-In Questions

To turn off the default questions, simply uncheck the box next to the questions you don't want displayed to students and click on Save.

Adding your own Check-In Questions

To add your own questions, type them into the empty text boxes and click on Save.

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