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Tips for Using Warpwire Video

Warpwire Video is designed to be easy and simple to use. However, the tips below will ensure you have the best possible experience using this tool.

  • Make sure you are in area with stable internet. If you begin uploading a video and the internet drops for even a second, the upload process will terminate and you will need to begin again.
  • Make sure Adobe Flash is installed for your browser. Check to make sure your flash player is installed in your browser here.
  • If you record your video on your phone, be aware that smart phones by default record high quality videos. A high quality video of 10 minutes will be a large file. Temporarily change your camera’s resolution in your phone's settings to create a smaller size video that will take less time to upload.
  • If you are having trouble embedding the video, you can retrieve the link to the video which you can share with anyone in your class. To retrieve the link, click on the three ellipses next to the video in the Warpwire Tool, then select Share to retrieve a link that you can copy and paste into any text editor in Isidore.