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My Textbooks

The My Textbooks tool is a tool students can use to access Complete Digital Access (eTextbooks) and online materials for their classes. It is a required tool, meaning it's automatically added when instructors edit the tools in their left-hand menu and can't be uninstalled.

Not using Complete Digital Access (CDA)? The 'My Textbooks' tool is still useful! Learn More

Instructions for Faculty

A few weeks before the new semester, the UD Bookstore will send out an email that contains instructions for setting up Complete Digital Access (eTextbooks). In order to use Complete Digital Access (eTextbooks), the "My Textbooks" tool needs to be added to your course site. Please do not rename this tool, as that can be confusing to students.

Before the first day of the term, each instructor must add their integration to their Isidore site(s). Instructors can find integration directions by publisher and type in the Course Integration Steps & Campus Reps by Publisher document.

If you are using an ebook only and you do not find your publisher listed here, just use the information for the Cengage Ebook Only integration. All of the other publishers work the exact same for ebook only.

Additionally, instructors may reach out to the Center for Online Learning via for assistance.

Instructions for Students

To access My Textbooks:

  1. Navigate to the My Textbooks tool in your Isidore site.
  2. The My Textbooks tool will launch in a new tab.
  3. Available eTextbooks and other online materials will be displayed for courses using UD's Complete Digital Access.


What is the Complete Digital Access program? Complete Digital Access (CDA) is a textbook collaboration between instructors, major publishers, and our campus to provide required course materials in a digital format at a reduced cost. You may also hear this program referred to as Inclusive Access.

  • CDA saves money! These materials cost 50-80% less than their printed versions.
  • When enrolled in a course using CDA, students are automatically enrolled in the program.
  • Students will have access to all materials on the first day of classes through Isidore (
  • Students are not charged for the materials until after the course opt-out deadline. Payment will be taken via available textbook scholarship or by charge to the student account if there is no remaining textbook scholarship balance.
  • If students do not wish to participate in the program, they must “Opt-Out” at the beginning of every semester through an individualized email link or directly through Isidore. After opt-out, these students will not receive the digital content and will need to source their own course materials.

What is the simplest way to describe how this will look and work? Students in a class that is participating in the CDA program will not buy a physical textbook. They will get access to their materials (eBook or courseware) through an integration in the instructor’s Isidore site.

What should I tell my students? It’s always a good idea to explain to students where they navigate to in your Isidore site to access the book or materials you’ve adopted. This explanation can be given in a welcome email to the class or during the first meeting.

Students will receive a Welcome to Complete Digital Access email before the start of the semester from the Bookstore. It explains the CDA program and how they will access their materials. They will receive additional messages as the drop date approaches to remind them regarding Opt-Out and billing information. Students can contact the Bookstore with any questions regarding CDA courses or billing questions throughout the semester.

Where can I get help? There are typically three different roles that an instructor may need assistance from.

  • UD Bookstore

  • Questions about student orders or CDA charges should be sent to [].

  • Questions about course material adoptions, creating or managing a CDA course should be sent to Kevin Poindexter, Course Materials Manager and/or Savannah Adams, Textbook Supervisor -

  • Textbook Publisher Representatives

  • Questions about specific publisher platform setup, use, and general product questions should be sent to the campus publisher rep. The most up-to-date list of campus reps by publisher can be found in the Course Integration Steps & Campus Reps by Publisher document.

  • Center for Online Learning at UD

  • For help with Isidore site setup and integrations, please send an email to