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Tokens for Attendance and Coursework Leniency

This class uses the Tokens App to allow students to request leniency on course expectations. Tokens are given to each student at the beginning of the term, which can be used through Isidore to request leniency in the following categories.

  • Missing a class - Costs 1 Token
  • Late Assignment - Costs 1 Token
  • Retake a Quiz - Costs 2 Tokens

Note: Late assignments and quiz retakes will not be accepted one week beyond the original due date, regardless of when the Token was submitted.

Once a student has used all their Tokens, no additional leniency will be granted. Students are advised to budget their Tokens wisely to avoid this scenario. Tokens will no longer be usable past the date specified in the Tokens App. The instructor will make an effort to either approve Token submissions or provide an explanation for disapproving within two business days. Students do not need to explain why they are using a Token; however, the Token will be rejected if there is not sufficient information provided to identify the Token’s purpose. For example, for a late assignment, the student must specify the name of the specific assignment, but there’s no need to explain why they couldn’t complete it on time.

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