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Threaded Discussion

Threaded Discussion is a threaded discussion tool that can be used through LTI. Multi-level discussions are supported with instructor-controlled hierarchy depth. The instructor can pin, hide, or lock, threads. The Threaded Discussion learning app can be installed once or many times within Lessons pages and subpages of a site.

How do I... for Instructors

Install Learning Apps in Lessons

Add a Threaded Discussion

Add a Thread

Reply to a Thread

Adjust Threaded Discussion Settings

Use Threaded Discussion Analytics

Pin a Thread

Hide a Thread

Lock a Thread

Favorite a Thread

Grade a Threaded Discussion

How do I... for Students

Add a Thread

Reply to a Thread


What's the difference between a discussion, a thread, and a reply?

  • A discussion is a topic
  • A thread is a message
  • A reply is a response to a message
Can I install Threaded Discussion more than once?
Yes, Threaded Discussion may be installed one or many times on Lessons pages or subpages.