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Invite Guests to a Zoom Meeting

You can invite guests to Zoom meetings both inside and outside of Isidore. You can invite guests to any Zoom room prior to its start or while it is in session.

To Invite a Guest to a Zoom Room Hosted within Isidore

See step-by-step instructions with images for inviting guests.

  1. Follow the steps for adding a Zoom meeting within Isidore.
  2. Click on the Upcoming Meetings tab.
  3. Click on the topic of the room to access its settings.
  4. You can find a link to the Zoom room in the Invite Attendees area. You can either:

    • Copy the "Join URL" link.
    • Click on the "Copy the invitation" link, then press the "Copy Meeting Invitation" button.
  5. Open an email and paste in whatever you had copied.

  6. Your guests will be prompted to install the Zoom client and enter their names to join the room.

To Invite a Guest to a Zoom Meeting in Progress

  1. If your meeting is already in progress, you can invite