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Schedule Virtual Office Hours

Zoom can be used to hold private meetings with individual students or groups of students. Below is our recommended method for setting up these meetings.

To schedule virtual office hours

  1. Navigate to the Isidore site where you'd like to host virtual office hours.
  2. Click on the Zoom tool from the tool menu.
  3. Click on the Schedule a Meeting button.
  4. In the Topic field, type in something like "Office Hours".
  5. In the When field, choose the date of your first office hours meeting.
  6. In the Duration field, choose the duration of your first office hours meeting.
  7. Under the Time Zone field, select Recurring Meeting and choose how often the office hours meeting room should repeat.
  8. In the Meeting Options section, click the checkbox next to the Enable waiting room option.
  9. Press the Save button.
  10. Return to the main page of the Zoom tool. On the Upcoming Meetings tab, you will see each of your Office Hours sessions coming up.

Using virtual office hours

  1. When you are ready to start your office hours, click Start next to the correct meeting time.
  2. When the room launches, click on the Participants tool from the host controls to open the participant tool.
  3. If students would like to meet with you, they will appear in the Participants tool as "waiting".
  4. Hover over the student's name. Click on the Admit button next to the student's name to let the student into the room. The student will join the room.
  5. When you are finished meeting with the student, either ask them to leave the room or hover over the student's name and click the Remove button.
  6. If there are additional students waiting, click on their names to admit them.
  7. *Note: Make sure you do NOT record these meetings or else they will be visible to other students in the class.