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Turnitin Originality and Feedback Studio

Turnitin Originality is a service checks papers for originality against websites, student papers, periodicals, and journals. Feedback Studio is powerful grading and feedback software that allow instructors to assess student work online. Students upload their papers to, and an originality report is returned to the instructor. The instructor is able to choose whether or not the originality report is displayed to students. The instructor may then grade and provide feedback to students via Feedback Studio using grading, commenting, audio, and/or rubrics.

Turnitin may be used as an integration within Isidore's Assignments tool or through Turnitin's website (

Students cannot run their papers through Turnitin unless their instructor has created a class and assignment.

If you are an instructor who needs access to, please contact the Center for Online Learning via (937) 229-5039 or to get added to UD's Turnitin account.

Supported File Types & File Size Limits

How do I... for Instructors

View Turnitin's Instructor Help

Access Turnitin's Instructor Resources Hub

Use Turnitin in Isidore's Assignments Tool

Run one student's paper through

Let students know I'm using Turnitin

How do I... for Students

View Turnitin's Student Help

Access Turnitin's Student Resources Hub

Complete and submit assignments through Isidore

View assignment feedback through Isidore

Turnitin Originality and Feedback Studio Support

Support for Originality and Feedback Studio is available through Turnitin's Support Center. A support request can be entered online via