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View UsageΒΆ

Instructors may monitor students' usage of a flashcard set. To see students' progress through a flashcard set:

  1. Locate the flashcard set for which you'd like to see students' progress.
  2. Click on the Usage icon in the "Options" section for that flashcard set.
  3. On the Usage page, you will see a list of your students and the progress they have made through the card set.
  4. *A card is counted as progress once a student views both side A and side B of any given card. Seeing both sides of the card counts as progress in regular mode as well as review mode.
  5. *Colors are used on the progress bar to indicate progress. Red shows little progress. Orange is medium progress. Green is a fully completed flashcard set.
  6. *Students may reset their progress, but this does not reset their usage in your view.
  7. *Usage numbers remain even if you unpublish a card set from student view.
  8. To see which individual cards a student has viewed, click the "Export Usage to Excel" link to download a report of students' progress for each card.

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