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Learning Apps

Learning Apps are tools developed by the Center for Online Learning in response to instructors' requests for tools that are centered around helping students learn more effectively. The list of Learning Apps will grow as we build more of these tools.

Available Learning Apps

Learning App Description
Check-In Use this tool to get some quick feedback from students about how they're doing in your class.
Course Planner The Course Planner tool is a utility designed to help instructors lay out the key elements of a course.
Emoji Ratings The Emoji Ratings learning app can be used to collect feedback from users based on a scale using emojis.
Flashcards The Flashcards learning app allows instructors to create flashcard sets that include text, images, audio files, or videos.
Homepage Builder The Homepage Builder allows instructors to share their syllabus & schedule documents, course information, and instructor information in a consistent format.
Interactive Video Create video quizzes where multiple choice, short answer, info card, and survey questions pop up at specified times.
Library Resources The Library Resources tool allows users to access some of the library’s most popular services.
Online MID An online midterm instructional diagnosis is a process instructors can use to confidentially gather student feedback on how the course is going.
Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery tool can be used in your course site for both students and instructors to upload photos.
Pre/Post Reflection The Pre/Post learning app helps students and instructors see how their knowledge in a specific area has increased over time.
Quick Write This tool allows instructors to quickly create short answer questions to collect feedback or evaluate student learning.
Quick Poll Quick Poll allows instructors to ask students poll questions in their course sites.
Quick Quiz The Quick Quiz learning app allows instructors to quickly create multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions to assess student learning.
Randomly The Randomly app allows you to randomly select a student from your roster, split your roster into random groups, or put your students in a random list.
Shoutouts Shoutouts! is a learning app designed for students to give and receive shoutouts for exceptional contributions.
Simple Certificate The Simple Certificate tool allows certificates to be rewarded once individuals have met certain criteria.
Study Questions The Study Question tool allows students to add study questions and answers that other students in the course can see.
Threaded Discussion Threaded Discussion is a threaded discussion tool that can be used through LTI.
Tokens The Tokens learning app allows instructors to setup a token economy for their classroom.
Topic Selector Topic Selector allows instructors to create a list of topics that students can either self-select or that the instructor can assign students to.
Video Feedback The Video Feedback tool allows instructors to add time-stamped comments and overall feedback to students' uploaded videos.