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Shoutouts! is a learning app designed for students to give and receive shoutouts for exceptional contributions.

How do I... for Instructors

Install Shoutouts!

Install Learning Apps in Lessons

Setup Shoutouts!

Moderate shoutouts

View awarded shoutouts

View shoutouts history

Use the leaderboard

How do I... for Students

Send a shoutout

Review a shoutout

Use the leaderboard


Can I choose to moderate shoutouts?
Yes, the ability to moderate shoutouts can be enabled in Settings using the "Enable Moderation" option. Please see Moderate shoutouts for more detailed instructions.
Can I choose to make shoutouts anonymous?
Yes, the ability to make shoutouts anonymous can be enabled in Settings using the "Anonymous to Students" setting.
Can I enable/disable specific shoutouts?
Yes, you can enable and disable the different shoutout types in Settings by clicking on shoutout types in the "Potential Shoutouts" section.
Can I add my own shoutouts?
No, at this time, you cannot add custom shoutout types.
Can the instructor send shoutouts?
No, at this time, instructors cannot send shoutouts.