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Review Token RequestsΒΆ

If you've enabled email notifications, you'll receive an email notification when students request to use their tokens. If you haven't enabled notifications, then you can visit the Tokens tool to see if there are any new requests. In the instructor view of Tokens, there is a bell icon that displays the number of new token requests.

To review token requests:

  1. Navigate to the Tokens tool in your Isidore site.
  2. Click on the Requests tab.
  3. Click on the Review button next to a student's request.

    • Review the information contained in the student's request.
    • Click on Accept to allow the tokens to be used or Reject to return the token balance back to the student. If you select "Reject", then a comment box will appear and you can provide a written response to the student.
    • Click on Save.
  4. The student will receive an email notification letting them know whether or not you accepted their token request.

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