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Setup TokensΒΆ

To setup the Tokens learning app:

  1. Navigate to the Tokens tool in the left-hand menu of your Isidore course site.
  2. The Instructor Settings page will load (if this is the first time you've launched the app).

    • Enter the total amount of tokens you would like to be available to students for the current term.
    • Specify a date the tokens must be used by. The tokens will become unavailable to students at 11:59 pm on that date.
    • Select whether you want to receive email notifications when students use tokens.
    • (Optional) Enter a note that is displayed to students to see on the screen they choose to use their tokens. This may be a reminder about how to use tokens or your tokens policy.
    • By default, there are two default categories available (Missed Class and Late Assignment). These can be edited by typing in the categories text box or adjusting the token cost. They can be removed by clicking on the x (delete) icon. You may use the + NEW CATEGORY button to add additional categories. Categories can be reordered by clicking on the up or down arrows to the left of them.
    • Enter a cost for each category (the amount of tokens students would use to be excused from an item).
    • Once your token economy is setup as you would like, click on the Save button to make the tokens active.

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